Where do we park our cars?

A forecourt outside the Hall can be reserved for disabled car users and for cars which need to offload goods either to the Hall or kitchen door. Otherwise car parking is in the roads around the Hall. At weekends and for evening activities when a large number of cars is expected, it is a requirement of the Hall booking that the School playground, less than 50 yards away, is used for parking. The charge to the hirer by the School is £5 an hour which is added to the booking form and given to the School at a later date.

What do we do with our rubbish?

We pay for paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminium cans and small glass items to be taken way from the Hall and recycled. There is a bin in both halls lined with a white recycling bag or it can go straight into a GRUNDON bin outside the Large Kitchen door. Please leave no more than 1 bag for recycling and bring bags to take the rest of your rubbish home.

All waste food must be taken away from the Hall.There is a small box for teabags and coffee grounds which can be left in the kitchens.

All empty glass bottles must be taken away from the Hall and forecourt, Full ones can be left in the kitchen!

Do you have a garden?

No, but the Hall is right in the centre of a very pretty village which has a pond, common, cricket field, churchyard and numerous footpaths in the immediate vicinity. A walk around the Village is a great way of occupying yourself if you are waiting to pick up your child from a party in the Hall or, alternatively, there is always the conviviality of the Red Lion Pub or the peace of All Saints’ Church in which to while away a bit of time.

What is the maximum number of people allowed in the Halls?

125 altogether.

Are there enough chairs and tables?

Yes, we but we advise that no more than 120 are seated in the Large Hall.

Do you have crockery and cutlery?

Yes, this is more than adequate and there is no charge for using it or the dishwasher.

Are there any extra charges?

£5 for the microphone, £5 for the administration of the booking, and £20 for use of the Premises Licence if required.This form must be completed to the satisfaction of the Hall's Designated Premises Holder.

Can we set up the Hall early?

Yes, but the time taken for setting up and clearing away must be included in the overall hiring time.

Can we have help setting up the Hall?

Although this cannot be guaranteed, it is sometimes possible to arrange help with setting up and clearing away, though there will be an extra charge for this. Our ability to provide assistance will also depend on the precise nature of the bookings preceding and following your own.

Can we decorate the Hall?

Decorations can be attached to the curtains and pelmets but not the walls. Sellotape and BLU tack of any colour is absolutely forbidden.

Do you require a security deposit?

Yes: £250 for weddings, large gatherings and children's parties. Otherwise we rely on our hirers to replace or mend any damage that occurs in their hiring time.

Do you allow Discos?

Yes, unless the noise is expected to exceed 85 decibels, a level which would cause disturbance to neighbouring houses.

It is regretted that teenage parties are no longer allowed.

Does the Hall have adequate Public Liability Insurance?

Yes, we have Public Liability Insurance covering Hall users but hirers are nevertheless expected to check that any person or company that they hire to entertain or cater also have their own insurance.